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佐鳥 浩之

SATORI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. was established in 1947 as a distributor of products manufactured by NEC Corp., principally electronic components and equipment. Since then, the Company has consistently expanded the scale of its business operations, opening its first branch office in Osaka in 1960 and its first overseas subsidiary in Taiwan in 1973. Today, SATORI has grown into a major corporate group comprising a domestic sales network of 14 offices, 3 domestic subsidiaries, and 14 overseas sales subsidiaries.

Products manufactured by Renesas Electronics Corporation account for approximately one-third of SATORI's total sales, but the Company also actively promotes the sale of other makers' products. In addition, as a trading company that specializes in a particular field of technology, SATORI has set up its own system for the design, development, and testing of customized integrated circuits (ASICs) and microprocessors in order to meet the wide-ranging needs of its customers.

On the threshold of the 2lst Century, with its promise of a bright future for the electronics industry, SATORI ELECTRIC intends to marshal the total strength of its corporate group and devote itself wholeheartedly to taking full advantage of the further expansion of the market and the new business opportunities that will arise, while continuing to contribute to social progress.