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Corporate Code of Conduct

The Satori Group aims to contribute to the development of an affluent, safe society by fulfilling its social responsibility through business and, thus, has established norms and a code of behavior that shall be observed by the directors and employees. The norms and code of behavior help directors and employees recognize that they play an important role and that they must take the initiative in keeping each of the organizations informed about the norms and code and do their utmost to ensure compliance.

1. Corporate Ethics

  1. We will observe the laws and regulations and will act sincerely with a high sense of ethics;
  2. We will contribute to society by supplying products and services that are socially useful;
  3. As a good corporate citizen, we will work to promote environmental conservation, thereby contributing to the growth of the community.
  4. We will promote boosting our corporate value through management activities from the mid- to long-term perspective, while responding to the expectations of shareholders and investors.
  5. While respecting the unique personality of each employee, we will realize a workplace environment that is comfortable, bright, and hygienic.

2. Corporate Code of Conduct

  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    We will comply with related laws and regulations in Japan and in each of the other countries, as well as international rules, and will act with common sense while respecting cultures and customs.
  2. Fair and Transparent Transactions
    While paying mutual respect to every one of the business partners under free competition, we will conduct appropriate transactions that are fair and transparent.
  3. Supply of Socially Useful Products and Services
    While responding precisely to versatile customer needs, we will work to supply useful products and services with consideration for safety, quality, and the environment.
  4. Positive Efforts for Environmental Problems
    With consideration for environmental problem at all times, we will work on the problem voluntarily and positively.
  5. Accuracy of Financial Reports
    Regarding accounting records and financial reports incidental to business, we will always make every effort to maintain accuracy and will not intentionally falsify any records.
  6. Disclosure and Management of Information
    We will actively and fairly disclose business information from time to time. All information, including confidential information, personal information, and information on business partners of the Company, will be strictly protected and managed.
  7. Prohibition of Insider Trading
    In the event information about the Company or our business partners is obtained through the execution of services, we will not trade in the shares of the Company or notify others of such information before an official announcement is made.
  8. Respect for Human Rights
    We will respect fundamental human rights and will not engage in any discrimination or harassment. Also, sexual, violent, or threatening behavior by utilizing a superior position in the company shall be prohibited.
  9. Confrontation with Anti-social Forces and Groups
    We will deal with anti-social forces and groups in a resolute manner when such groups threaten the order and safety of civil society; we will not carry out any transactions with such forces or groups.
  10. Appropriate Handling of Intellectual Property
    Regarding intellectual property, we will protect and manage our rights and will not violate the rights of others.
  11. Thorough Publicizing and Demonstrating Good Examples of Leadership
    Managers shall make every effort to keep employees informed about the Company norms and standards and shall demonstrate good examples of leadership in order to maintain an effective internal system. In the event of a violation of these standards, the managers shall resolve the problem, determine the cause, and prevent a recurrence.

Established on July 6, 2005
Revised on January 18, 2008