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What's X-FAB Semiconductor?


X-FAB provides with independent semiconductor foundry services, and has CMOS and BiCMOS process which are available to high pressure resistance and broardband.
They have a process from 0.18μm to 1μm, and it is possible to correspond to a small amount of a prototype lot and mass production. They have the applications such as Automobile, Customer use, Industry.
Also, They provide with the reliable process parameter and have a rapid technical support. 
X-FAB owns factories in Germany, the USA, the UK, and Malaysia, which acquire the TS16949 that is necessary for the automobile semiconductor production.


Company Name X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG 
Nationality Federal Republic of Germany
Head Office Location Haarbergstrasse 67, D-99097 Erfult / Germany
Establishment 1968
URL https://www.xfab.com/jp


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    Head Office (Tokyo)


    【Time In】 9:00~17:00
    (Except for Saturday and Holiday)

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