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Micro Analog Systems

What's Micro Analog Systems?


Micro Analog Systems(MAS) is a Semiconductor Manufacturer established in 1980 that has particular strength in design of Analog IC with low voltage, low consumption and low noise.
MAS has supported their clients with their own solutions for Analog IC of high performances, such as watch, clock, crystal oscillator, piezo-driver, center-interface.


Nationality Repablic of FinLand
Head Office Location Kutomotie 16, FI-00380 Helsinki, FINLAND
Establishment 1980
URL https://www.mas-oy.com/



Ultralow-Noise Removal Performance is highly evaluated by the high-grade Audia Manufacturer.

MAS6116 High End Stereo Digital Volume Control IC

Crystal Oscillator IC

MAS6279 High End (6.50~52.00MHz) VCTCXO/TCXO IC 
Possible to calibrate by 5 digits in order to maintain the highly stability.
MAS6287  Ultrawide Temperature Range (-60~125℃)VCTCXO IC
MAS6283  25.00~40.00MHz  VCXO IC(CMOS Output【Square Wave】)
MAS6285  IC for Offset Trimming
MAS9278  10.00~30.00MHz  VCXO IC with Offset Trimming 【Sine Wave Output】

Piezo&LED Driver IC

Available to make many kinds of sound, not only the peculiar Piezo sound. Guarantee the security of workers in the 35 Vpp noisy field.

MAS6240 Piezo Driver IC for Multi Sound
MAS6241 18Vpp Piezo Driver IC for Self Drive Type Piezoelectric Sounders
MAS6250 35Vpp Piezo LED Driver IC for Multi Tone Sound
MAS6251 35Vpp Piezo LED Driver IC for Self Drive Type Piezo


Power Management IC

MAS  have provided Nokia Group and mobile telephone manufactures with Power Management IC since the establishment in 1980.

MAS6011 Solar Manager IC
Monitoring the supply voltage and charging of a battery-powered system containing a small solar cell.
MAS6230 High Efficiency 60W Synchronous Buck Boost DC/DC Converter
MAS6260 Li-Ion and LiPo Battery Charger IC with LDO


Sensor Signal Interface

Sensor Signal Interface IC of MAS features low power consumption, and enables the high accuracy output with built in temperature calibration memory.

MAS1641 Capacitance Change Detection with Piezo Alarm IC(Detecting infusion liquid level drop or water leakage)
MAS6502 16-Bit ADC for Resistive Sensor IC
MAS6503 24-Bit ADC for Resistive Sensor IC
MAS6505 22-Bit Low Power Low Noise Piezo Resistive Sensor Signal Interface IC
MAS6510 24-Bit ADC for Capacitive Sensor IC
MAS6512 16-Bit ADC for Capacitive Sensor IC

Time Code Receivers IC

Time Code Receiver IC of MAS enables the accurate output of Date and Time with the radio wave showing Japan Standard Time from those two domestic radio masts and towers. Also, it enables the usage of wave clocks not only in Japan but oversea with multiple channels. 

MAS6180B AM Receiver, 1.1V-3.6V
MAS6180C AM Receiver, 1.5V-5.5V 
MAS6181B Dual Band AM Receiver
Modules  Time Code Recever Modules (Ferrite Antenna and AM Receiver IC Printed Circuit Board)
Antennas Antennas for Time Code Receiver(Please contact us for more information)
Test Equipment Test Equipment for Time Code Receiver (Please contact us for more information)


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