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What's ProLogium?


ProLogium Technology was found in Taiwan in 2006 as a pioneer of rechargeable solid state battery.
They develop and produce Litium Ceramic Battery(LCB:solid) to resolve a problem of safety of using Litium Ion Battery(fluid).
A lot of clients have considered this for applications which need Waerable, IoT, Auto Motive and in severe temperature environment.
Also, customization of battery(size/volume) is available.


Company Name ProLogium Technology Co., Ltd. / 輝能科技股份有限公司
Nationality Republic of China / 台湾
Head Office Location No 6-1, ZiQiang 7th Rd., ZhongLi Dist, TaoYuan City, 320, Taiwan R.O.C / 桃園市中壢區自強七路6-1號
Establishment 2006
URL https://www.prologium.com/
                    ※It takes a little time to open the website completely. 


This is a new type of battery which combines Lithium Ceramic Battery and thin and flexible film such as FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit).
The targeted capacity of the battery is 17mAh~500mAh/Sheet.
Application: Smart Card, Wearable Device, IoT




This is a battery composed of a sheet battery by a polymer which is FLCBs piled over. 
Usually it is used for some applications which needs a big capacity.
The targeted capacity of the battery is 300mAh~10,000mAh/Sheet.
Also, PLCB is now planned to be applied to battery pack module of multiple series and pararells.
Application: IoT, Smartphone Application, Customer Electronics, Healthcare, Auto Motive, and etc.




This is a battery using Bipolar tech combining PCLB as multiple series & pararells and 3D tech, and is what they now focus on the EV market and extend business for.
The capacity of the battery unit is some kAh~some 10kAh.
Applications: Electronic Assist Byscle, E-School, BEV, and etc.
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