Quality Policy  
  Basic philosophy  

The following Quality Policy of the Satori Group shall be established in order to enhance customer satisfaction consistent with the management policy of the group by continually supplying products and services that meet customer needs and by improving quality as a trading company.

  Action policy  

Conformity to customer requirements as well as to applicable regulatory requirements is the highest priority in our business activities.    

Establish, periodically review, and continually improve the quality objectives of individual group companies.    


Based on this Quality Policy, each department shall implement the following activities.

  Provision of the products and services that meet customer needs  
  Prompt response to customer requirements  
      Ensure and enhance quality in the design and development process    

Ensure and enhance quality of all internal work processes and prevent deficiencies  

This Quality Policy shall be recognized and understood by all officers and employees.  

A periodic review shall be conducted to maintain the effectiveness of this Quality Policy.  
Satori Group
      ISO Promotion Chairman  
      Toyoshi Koizumi  
      EstablishedJuly 13, 2004
Revised:June 1, 2013
  *This policy shall be made in Japanese language. Above English version is for reference only.